24k Gold Skin Rejuvenation facial treatment

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The 24k Gold Facial treatment is a luxurious and rejuvenating skincare treatment that uses pure 24k gold to nourish and revitalize the skin and make it glow. Gold has been used in skincare for centuries due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tones.

24k gold anti-aging treatment Explained

In this Facial treatment at La Riviere facial spa, a thin layer of 24k gold face mask is applied which is then infused into the skin using our advanced methodologies. The gold is absorbed into the skin where it stimulates collagen production and improves the overall skin tone and texture. The treatment is non-invasive and painless. We customize treatments to meet your specific needs and goals – achieving superior results.

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24k Gold Skin Rejuvenation facial treatment

The 24k Gold skin rejuvenation Facial treatment is a luxurious and highly effective skincare treatment that can help improve the overall health and appearance of the skin, reverse the signs of aging, and restore your youthful glow.

Gold has been shown to have powerful anti-aging properties, making it an effective treatment for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines, and to achieve long-lasting results.

Gold can help to improve blood flow to the skin, resulting in a healthy and radiant glow.

Gold is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce redness and irritation, making it suitable for all skin types.

Gold can help improve skin elasticity, resulting in a firmer, more youthful appearance.

Gold can help brighten the skin’s appearance and even out the skin tone, resulting in a more radiant, glowing complexion.

The 24k Gold Facial treatment is a luxurious and pampering skincare treatment that can help relax and rejuvenate the skin and the senses.

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At La Riviere Facial Spa Boutique, we pride ourselves on delivering real, visible results for our clients through our advanced anti-aging facial treatments.

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We strive to exceed expectations when it comes to customer satisfaction!

24K Gold Skin Rejuvenation Facial Treatment


Yes, the 24k Gold Facial Treatment is non-invasive and painless, making it a safe skincare treatment with minimal risk of complications. La Riviere’s estheticians are trained professionals adhering to the highest safety standards.

During a 24k Gold Facial Treatment, a thin layer of 24k gold face mask is applied to the skin, which is then infused into the skin using advanced methodologies. Once absorbed into the skin, the gold works to stimulate collagen production and improve the overall tone and texture of the skin. Most people see an improvement in the tone and texture of their skin after a single treatment.

Many people experience a noticeable improvement after just one treatment, though they may require more sessions to reach their desired results. Your esthetician will be able to discuss your goals and recommend a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Yes, the 24k Gold Facial Treatment is suitable for all skin types due to its anti-inflammatory properties. However, discussing your skin concerns and medical history with one of our estheticians before your treatment is essential, so we can determine if this treatment is right for you.

As a non-invasive and gentle treatment, most people experience little or no side effects and little recovery time is required when receiving a 24k Gold Facial.

Yes! You will see initial results after the first treatment, such as brighter, smoother skin, and a more radiant complexion. However, to achieve the full benefits of the treatment, one of La Riviere’s estheticians will perform a face-mapping skin analysis and tailor a personalized aesthetic plan for you. On average, the results last for over a year.

Treatment results are long-lasting; the exact duration will depend on various factors, such as your skin type and condition, as well as age and lifestyle. To achieve the full results of the treatment, we recommend follow-up treatments every 3-4 weeks. The frequency of these treatments will depend on your specific skin concerns. La Riviere’s expert skin specialist and experienced estheticians will offer a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and goals as a part of the experience. In general, it is important to follow a consistent skincare routine, including using a daily SPF product and avoiding prolonged exposure to UV radiation, to help maintain the treatment results.

No, the 24k Gold Facial Treatment is painless and many people find the experience calming and relaxing.

La Riviere Result-driven Spa, a premier destination for luxury treatments, is ideally located within the upscale Hyatt Regency San Antonio on the scenic Riverwalk level.

Absolutely! La Riviere Result-Driven Spa, located at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk, takes care of its clients by providing complimentary parking in the hotel’s designated parking area.

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We strive to exceed expectations when it comes to customer satisfaction!

Janie JuarezJanie Juarez
16:20 31 May 23
The location is beautiful. The parking is VERY convenient!!Nelly was great explained everything.The staff was very friendly and answered all my questions. The skin analysis gave me a real insight in my skin so they can tailor my treatment to my needs. The treatment was relaxing there was NO PAIN. I seen results after JUST ONE TREATMENT. My skin feels smooth and tighter. I'm definitely rejuvenated. I'm definitely coming back. Thanks LA RIVIERE FOR THE PAMPERING 😀!!
16:07 30 May 23
This Anti-Aging skin tightening treatment is SPECTACULAR. I love coming to the river walk in San Antonio and just seeing the beautifully scenery. I seen immediate results with just the first treatment as it is tailored to my needs. Julia is amazing she makes me feel very comfortable and overall my self confidence has definitely boosted up! Thank you ladies y’all are awesome 🙂
Margie ValdezMargie Valdez
22:07 28 May 23
Julia my skin therapist did a fabulous job! I love my results especially on my neck! It is my first skin tightening radio frequency anti aging treatment at the spa and it was so good.The spa located at the Hyatt regency river walk in San Antonio. It was relaxing and rejuvenating I can’t wait for my next facial 🙂
Joseph SalinasJoseph Salinas
18:25 23 May 23
Julia is absolutely fabulous and very knowledge! This anti aging treatment at la rivière spa on the San Antonio Riverwalk took me back 20 years! It is a great alternative for Botox! And they gave me the tools and continue the treatment at home
Cheryl LunaCheryl Luna
23:54 13 Mar 23
I live out of town came in to visit San Antonio and had a wonderful signature anti aging treatment at La Rivière beauty boutique the whole experience was wonderful from the moment I came in. They were very professional and I’m super happy with the immediate results. It was pain free and my skin was lifted after the treatment. They tailored a treatment plan targeting my smile lines and recommended me an advanced light therapy device which i love and will use everyday!!! The garage was very accessible. Next time I come in town I’ll definitely get another treatment at La Rivière!
Catherine GuerreroCatherine Guerrero
22:58 24 Jan 23
I had the best experience ever. Joann and David were so professional and helpful. I had the new Radio frequency facial and it was so painless. I saw results on my first visit and definitely going back.
Evelyn PowellEvelyn Powell
22:29 08 Dec 22
I visited for a radio frequency treatment focusing on my saggy aging skin and deep nose/mouth lines. Today was my very first anti aging treatment of any kind. I am 57 years old so I wasn’t expecting to see improvement on the first day. Nathalie took me into the treatment room and got my comfortable on the table. She was very professional and kept checking in with me while she gave me the treatment. I did not experience any pain. The treatment was very relaxing and the environment was clean. I looked in the mirror afterwards and could see immediate improvement in pore size but most amazingly my 11 lines were so diminished they were hard for me to find them. I am so happy with my initial results. I can’t for my next visit.I’m not easily impressed but my radio frequency treatment improvement and results were quite amazing! You owe it to yourself to give this treatment a try.
Kelley HaynesKelley Haynes
02:01 07 Nov 22
The technicians were amazing and so friendly. With just one treatment my husband and I could tell a difference. We purchased the Eneo for myself and my husband. I highly recommend La Rivière. Ask for David and tell him we sent you! You will not be disappointed!!
Yesenia GonzalezYesenia Gonzalez
01:18 03 Nov 22
I discovered this beauty boutique through an ad on Instagram for a thermal facial promotion they were having at the time. I was pleasantly surprised by how professional, kind, and attentive the staff are. Joanne is incredibly knowledgeable and made my skin and face look amazing. I love the products they use!
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